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  • Forum "Literature and Art in Foucault"

      ( 7 Articles )

    © materiali foucaultiani       published 26/10/2011

    Replies by: Stefano Catucci, Bruno Moroncini, Maryvonne Saison


  • Forum "Michel Foucault and resistances"

      ( 10 Articles )

    © materiali foucaultiani       published 05/05/2011

    Replies by: Miguel de Beistegui, Sandro Mezzadra, Judith Revel


  • Forum "Philosophical journalism"

      ( 9 Articles )

    © materiali foucaultiani       published 06/12/2010

    Replies by: Sandro Chignola, Wu Ming

    Contributions by: Alain Brossat, Paolo Vernaglione


  • "Techniques of the body and techniques of the self"

      ( 6 Articles )

    © materiali foucaultiani       published 19/03/2011

    Double interview

    Replies by: Mariapaola Fimiani, Jean-Marc Leveratto


  • Interview with Sandra Laugier and Albert Ogien

      ( 6 Articles )

    © materiali foucaultiani       published 10/11/2010

    In order to further and enrich the lines of thinking introduced last May in our conversation with Christian Laval about the “Appel des appels”, we asked Sandra Laugier, professor of philosophy at Université Paris-I Panthéon-Sorbonne, and Albert Ogien, sociologist at the CNRS and EHESS, to discuss their book Pourquoi désobéir en démocratie ?, published recently by La Découverte.


  • Interview with Christian Laval

      ( 3 Articles )

    © materiali foucaultiani       published 31/05/2010  

    L'Appel des appels, promoted last December by professionals in the fields of culture, health, research, information and the judiciary, presents itself not so much as a choral editorial effort or an instance of political denunciation in the classical sense, but rather as an experience that puts into practice new forms of resistance and alternative governmentality in response to the progressive destruction of the public sector undertaken by the Sarkozy administration. With these issues in mind, we asked Christian Laval, a sociologist at the University of Paris X and one of the chief promoters of the project, to discuss what, in our view, is the "foucauldian character" of this experience of convergence among social struggles.


  • Video Interview with Sandro Mezzadra

      ( 1 Article )

    © materiali foucaultiani       published 15/02/2011  

    We asked Sandro Mezzadra, professor of Storia delle Dottrine Politiche at the Università di Bologna, to present the Conference “Reading Michel Foucault in the Postcolonial Present” (Bologna, March 3-4, 2011).


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